Sunday, October 21, 2007

Appreciation Dinner of Semester Two

Appreciation Dinner @ Nando's Sunway Pyramid

Date: 5 October 2007
Time: 6:30 pm

Again, members turn up rather late. Gosh, I wish we could change that. Must we be caught up in the "Malaysian time" phenomenon?

Ahh... forget about it. Members that are invited eventually turned up. Food is served amost immediately. :) And when it comes to food, I'll never remember to take a picture of it when it is straight from the kitchen, piping hot and fresh. My gluttony took over my conscious mind. Hahaha.... Over-exaggerating yet quite true.

ECs (busy) enjoying their peri-peri chicken

The ECs ordered chicken, of course. We ordered all 4 flavours to give members variety in choice. For side dishes we had old style chips, coleslaw, fresco salad, Mediterranean rice and potatoe wedges. All of us had free flow of soft drinks and iced lemon tea. (Yeeeeesssss........)

About 30 to 40 members including the new ECs were present.

Random pics.

After the meal, the ECs brought in Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe for the birthday girl, President Lam Shi Ni.

*awaiting pictures because the lousy webmaster did not take any*

So the whole lot sang birthday song to Shi Ni and she was seen blushing all the way. How coincident that her birthday fell on the same day as MBC's dinner.

It was a really enjoyable meal. Yes, I admit, I love Nando's. And we had dessert. :p

I hope next year will see a more happening Monash Buiness Club. And I hope we will do better and better.

I personally thank all members who have contributed to this club in every way. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.

My biggest tribute to Executive Committees of 2007, you guys had put in a lot of effort in bringing up this club (from scratch). We had managed to put through it, despite some committees leaving the club throughout the year. Thank you for giving us all the wonderful memories. It is an honour to work with all of you and to serve as the Webmaster and as a committee member of Monash Business Club.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hottest Event of the Year ~ TRIP!!!

Dear all,


MBC is organising a 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS Trip to Langkawi and Penang Island from 19th ~ 22nd November!!!

This would be a great chance for you to reward yourself after a busy and stressful semester... Seats are limited (only 25 seats left!!)!!! So, call us now to make your reservation!!

Hunting Lines:
Shi Ni:
Yong Qian: 017-6115158


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fundraising in semester 2

I have totally forgotten about it.
My bad. No excuses. Just plain stupid.

So, fundraising sale.

"Buy my Ribena Longan!"

So, this round, MBC's menu includes Ribena Longan (heard that we got the idea from William's), our specialty Chocolate Marshmellow, Nasi Lemak, Fruity Sprite, Chipsmore, Instant Noodles. Anything else? Wow so much variety.

"I'm a happy girl"

Putting marshmellows into sticks..

The happy committees playing mixing the drink

Students are very happy to see instant noodles. I think that particular item is the bestseller. Of course, our Choc Marshmellow is the students' all time favourite.

Jacqueline: "In the end we didn't manage to sell off all our Ribena Longan, and gave it away to those who passed by our booth."

To be honest, the response is not very good. I think it was due to the lack of publicity and the wrong timing perhaps? Also, the location of our stall is kinda hidden.

Next time we shall use cups for Ribena Longan...... Lesson learnt.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monash Block Party / Street Carnival & Motorshow

Dear friends,

Today, Jeannie is going to tell you a story about Monash Block Party and hot chics Motorshow.

We had our share of stall for the 2-day event. So, the members came to make some money...

On Friday night....

Let's "start work"...

Our "ka chang"

According to Laura: "monash carnival got nothing much lo....many of the people went inside the motorshow but didn't walk over to our booth..."

Wah.... Business is good. Own members la... xD

So... These are what we sold to people.

We had games too...

MBC's dedicated members :)


Laura: We helped you to keep an eye on him

On second day....

I came.

Came to help but.... no help needed!

So Jean went to the motorshow!

According to Laura: "there was NOBODY.....a few ppl appeared around 7pm.....those who were on duty juz sit thr n talk...."

We all spent the night hanging out. Here.

Oh ya, I remembered something. Junior won the lucky draw from DiGi. I think he got himself a FU-YOH t-shirt.

The united club :)

So.... Laura said we made a "small profit" and "luckily we didn't make a loss". So this round's food sales effort was worthwhile la.

.... and MBC lived happily ever after.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Networking Party: special edition


MBC Beauty Pageant for the males

Yes... The males.


Contestant No. 1

Contestant No.2

Hubert Chuah Soo Zhong

Contestant No.4

Samuel Kuek

Contestant No. 5

Arthur Tham

Catwalk baby, catwalk...

Look at his gorgeous train.... Designed by Jacqueline Foong and Sue Lin

More footages...

"Don't cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me?"

"Hi everyoneeeee......"

"Check this out.."

And the winner of MBC Beauty Pageant 2007 is.......

Samuel Kuek of Biotech!!

"Ooooohhh...... I'm a beauty queen...!!"

"Aaaahhh my crown is falling...!"

"I r supermodel."

Thank you to all contestants for participating in the pageant. A big thank you to our panel of judges (which is everyone). Thank you for making this event a success! See you again next year!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Lucky Draw results

The lucky draw during Monash Carnival

The winner is.....

Ivana !

Congratulations to Ivana for winning a RM50 MM Shop voucher!

The lucky draw during Fundraising Sales

The winners are....

Peter, Rose and Yongqian!


Peter won a Monash polo tee (new design)
Rose won a Monash polo tee (old design)
Yongqian you won a packet of tissue paper
Nah, just kidding...
You won a MBC "bill them all" shirt

Congratulations to all once again and thank you for your support!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the continuation of the story of 30 happy (and wild) people

We were playing Simon Says. MBC's favourite game.

Victim: Aries
Punishment: Yongqian: "I feel like sticking something on someone..."

Victim: MBC member (i'm so sorry i do not know your name, yet)
Punishment: Arthur: "Slap someone"
(kena slap)

Victim: Jeannie
Punishment: FLY over that pile of newspaper
(just because i have fake wings...)

Next, we have blind-folding game!

1.Aaron 2.Rio 3.Hubert 4.Chuang Ji 5.girl (yet to know her name)

*Evil grins from others*

And the game begins!

Junior: "Go get it! To the right, To the right..."

Everyone: "Aaron! Left, left! Right, right!"

Aaron went out of the room...

What the hell! They directed him into the lift...

He actually went to ground floor and came back.

Aaron, you are a great sport. *applause*
Sorry for teasing you. =p

The networking party ended about 10ish. We went back with facial and stomach cramp. And some experienced blood rush to their brains.

Can't wait for next semester's party xD